********** PIT FIGHTER GAME FOWL**********

        In the 90's my father acquired brood stock from the Philippines imported by our family friend and started the game fowl breeding in our backyard for the sole purposed to produce battle fowls.About 90 percent of the battle fowls produced from our yard won almost every fight in the cock pit.After my father passed away the bred once feared the most before almost vanished accept some of the sixth generation from the foundation bloodline still remained till now roaming in my backyard.

        Ever since from my childhood day, I always very passionate about the beauty of this pit fighter and that's the reason i started the breeding programme to revive the family tradition breeding high quality game fowls with the combination of beauty and power.

        Blend to perfection through line breeding, cross breeding and infusion with the new bloodline from one of the top breeder in the northern part of Sarawak with high percentage of pure strain from philippines,comes the new breed of high-breed vigor battle fowls that shows true beauty, power, speed and gameness.

Farm Owner:Henry Bagatt, Contact: +6013 8200 853,Email:henrbagatt@gmail.com

About Me

Me and my little girl.............


Farm visit...                                                                                                                                                                              Fish pond.....


Lambir 8th Mile, Miri-Bintulu Rd, Miri,Sarawak, Malaysia.

In 2007 i acquired a piece of Flat land ( 8 acrs) to start my game fowl breeding farm.Now its about 50% complete setting up fences, breeding pens, cording area, free roaming spaces and lots more...Hopefully by the end of 2008 every things will be ready to start the full scale operation.

Photo of my new farm will be update soon.....

Brood stock Foundation Bloodline

Brood Cock-Yellow Leg Hatch(One time winner), Blue Leg Grey(Two time winner), Kelso(One time winner)

Brood Hen-Yellow & Green Leg Hatch, Grey, Kelso, Claret


 Broodcock-Yellow leg Hatch (1x winner)                                                                     Broodcock-Grey (1xwinner)                                                          




                      Broodcock-Kelso(1xwinner)                                                             2007 Battlefowl- Hatch/Grey


 2007 Battlefowl- Grey                                                                                           2007 Pullet- Grey


 Brood Pen 1                                                                                                             Brood Pen 2

Broodcock-YLHatch, Broodhen-BLhatch, Greys                                                             Broodcock-BLGrey, Broodhen-YLHatch,Kelso


Blue Leg Hatch Hen                                                                                                     Kelso Hen


Claret Hen                                                                                                              Hatch Grey hen & Hatch hen



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